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Hot Tub Engineering

Standard Features

  • Interchangeable, adjustable recessed jets
  • Unique foot massage jets on lounge
  • Easy-to-reach topside custom control panel
  • Auxiliary custom control panel on opposite
    side (Top Models)
  • Interchangeable, adjustable recessed jets
  • Easy-to-reach topside custom control panel
  • Full lumbar support
  • LED Spa light including red & blue lens
  • Moldcd-in drink holders
  • Built-in headrest
  • Stress-relief neck jets
  • Horizontal, recessed jetting
  • Anti-float lounge
  • Fire resistant insulation foam
  • Synthetic substructure
  • 4" ABS plastic heat-sealing "Never Rot" bottom pedestal
  • Multi-port air injectors
  • Multi-pump system
  • Smart winter mode. Freeze protection
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Air line clean out
  • Sensor and pressure switch failure detection
  • External fill/drain valve
  • Sunbelt CPI EON® maintenance-free synthetic textured cabinet, available in Charcoal Gray or Redwood.
  • Factory installed Ozonator standard on all models.
  • Microban finishes (antibacterial protection)
  • Soothing aromatherapy
  • Waterfalls (On most models)

How Sunbelt build their Spas

Each of our spas is crafted to the highest standards of workmanship. We use only the finest materials and components available. For our customers, nothing else will do.

When we design a spa, whether it's an intimate spa for 2 or a spacious 8-seater, we concentrate on one thing: Giving yon the very finest spa experience possible, in as many different ways as possible.

Every seating arrangement is carefully thought out so each individual have their own uncrowded space from head to toe. Jet types and placement are carefully considered to give each seat its own unique "feel" and range of massage sensations. We expect people to move around in our spas, sampling each seat and savouring the different flavours of massage from neck and shoulders, to back and thighs, calves, ankles and feet. From deep penetrating back massage and the foot-pleasing turbulence of a volcanic geyser jet to the airy flutter of a neck-and-shoulders waterfall, Sunbelt Spas are dedicated to your total body pleasure.

Sunbelt Spas are designed to be low-maintenance as well as high-pleasure. From the versatile Balboa Control Systems that automate everything from temperature settings to filter cycles, to the ozone generator and front-access filter system that keeps your spa water clean and clear, Sunbelt Spas are the epitome of carefree operation and minimal upkeep. Once you've owned a Sunbelt Spa. You'll never want anything else.

It's your heat. Hang on to it.

The water in your Sunbelt Spa stays warmer longer with lower energy costs thanks to the ingenious Heat VaultT insulation system built into the enclosure.

Rather than simply filling the interior with foam as many spas do, the Heat VaultT insulation system uses foam insulation on the bottom of the shell, the floor of the enclosure, and all four interior walls, creating a "dead air" space completely surrounded by insulation. This is the same principle as double-glazed glass in your patio door, and it works for the very same reason: dead air, surrounded by an insulator, traps heat more efficiently than solid insulation itself.

The spa pumps arc housed inside this insulated dead air space, which serves two purposes: it protects the pumps from freeze-up when the outside temperature falls below freezing (the pipes and plumbing are also insulated!), and incidental heat generated by the pump equipment adds to the insulating warmth of the interior air space rather than being lost to the outside.

Since the layers of insulation on the interior walls and floor of the enclosure are much thicker than the insulation on the bottom of the shell, the trapped heat of the interior air space rises up through
the bottom of the spa shell and contributes to the heat of the water, effectively replacing the heat rising off the surface.


Even under worst-case conditions-including loss of power in sub-zero temperature-the slow-release heat trap created by the HeatVault insulation system will keep your spas water above freezing for many days.

Benefits of Heat VaultT insulation system:

•  Water stays warmer, longer, with lower energy costs

•  Incidental heat generated by the spa pumps is effectively recycled back into the spa (this not only lowers your spa's heating costs, but also protects the pumps from overheating by providing a useful method of dissipating the heat the generate)

•  Interior pipes and plumbing are fully insulated against freezing

•  Access to internal plumbing and the spa's heater/pump systems is easy; the side insulation actually attached to each removable side panel; when the panels are removed for service, the insulation is removed with the panel, allowing for unobstructed access.

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